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Renaissance Learning is working with thirteen GEMS Education schools globally. We wanted to determine why GEMS Education schools choose Renaissance Learning solutions to support reading development and data acquisition. We spoke to three GEMS Education schools about their experience with Renaissance Learning solutions.

GEMS Wellington Silicon Oasis, Dubai


We’ve implemented Accelerated Reader and Star Reading for our 650 students secondary school students. The school has been utilising Renaissance solutions for over 6 years. Our initial reasoning for investing in Renaissance solutions was due to the proven success we’d seen in UK schools.

The impact that Star Reading has had on student progress has been evident. Students are excited to improve their reading age and are competitive in seeing it increase. Additionally, parents are supportive of the programme and like to hear of the increase in reading age.

Renaissance solutions have supported the reading culture throughout our school. Quiz scores are shared in weekly house mail to drive up competition, and there is a reminder within tutor time for years 7 – 9.

The overall impact of Renaissance solutions has been positive. The programmes are easy to follow, and the online support team is AMAZING and really encouraging!

– Heather Howard, Assistant Lead of English / KS3 coordinator / AR leader


GEMS FirstPoint, Dubai


We’ve been using Renaissance solutions for over five years. We currently have over 1,000 students using the solutions.

Star Reading has impacted student progress, as it has been a beneficial way for us to track and measure student progress.

Renaissance solutions have impacted our Reading culture. We have a word millionaire board celebrating those who have achieved certificates, and students are continually aware of their reading age and ZPD. Hence, they can select appropriate books. The overall impact has been very positive.

For me, the data that we can produce from Renaissance solutions is what I like the most. I would recommend the solutions to any international school.

– Emma Monteith, Head of English

GEMS Winchester School, Dubai


Currently, we have approximately 2,000 students using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading. After hearing of the success rate in literacy from other GEMS schools, we first implemented renaissance solutions using Renaissance solutions.

We’ve seen the impact that Star Reading has had on student progress. Over the last academic year, there has been a 63.64% increase in students’ ZPD levels, meaning, as students read more, the difficulty of texts that they are reading is increasing.

Similarly, both Accelerated Reader and Star Reading have made an impact on our school’s reading culture. Last academic year, GEMS Winchester School carried out 164,572 Accelerated Reader quizzes,  an increase rate of 66.22% from the beginning of the academic year.

We have since seen remarkable progress in students reading abilities. The data is reliable and matches national curriculum expectations. As it caters to the needs of all age groups and abilities, Renaissance provides reliable reading age, and thus age-appropriate books are allotted to students. Quizzes and books are engaging enough to support the needs of EAL and SEND.

What I like the most is Star Assessments computer-adaptive tests as they help the teachers plan as per the class’s needs. I would totally recommend Renaissance solutions.

After hearing about other GEMS schools ‘ success rate, we’ve since implemented myON the Digital Library in our school. Students enjoy reading on myON and have shown amazing progress in reading skills.

We have a fixed reading 15-minute session every day during early learning. We also use it for home learning. This has impacted the reading skills of our students.

I would certainly recommend myON.

– Puja Khanna, Curriculum Leader in English Reading Primary


GEMS Jumeirah Primary School


Prior to using Accelerated Reader and Star Assessments, we had only teacher-led assessments for reading. Now, 50% of our students use AR and Star, and we have been using them for 6 years. We initially invested in Renaissance solutions because we wanted to give our children ownership of their reading and to be more involved in their assessment of reading.

Star Assessments have had a very good impact in terms of students understanding of their reading comprehension – children are engaging with their reading material in a way that they had not previously been able to. 

Furthermore, both Accelerated Reader and Star Assessments have positively impacted our school’s reading culture. We strive to promote a love of reading across our school, and Renaissance solutions play a central role in that. Combined, their overall impact has been very positive.

– Scarlett Christley, Head of English

For more information on how your international school can utilise Renaissance Solutions, click here.

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