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Giving children confidence with SATs preparation

Florence Melly Community Primary School, Liverpool

Children at our school want to read now – we’re seeing a lot of improvements in the quality and regularity of reading. We’re seeing the changes in these habits carry through improvements to their writing, vocabulary and imagination.

“I love that reading can transport you into a different world.”

– Abbie, Year 6 pupil

We schedule half an hour of reading every day. We use Accelerated Reader, and encourage children to be as independent as possible with their reading. They can quiz any time they’ve finished a book, and then select another within their ZPD range, where they can access the text but will still be challenged by it.

Reading can sometimes be difficult to assess, but now we can see who is reading, what they’re reading and what they’re understanding, we’re much better placed to support children as individuals and build confidence.

“Accelerated Reader has definitely got children reading who weren’t reading before. I think it’s brought reading for pleasure to the forefront of all our minds.”

– Barbara Heaton, Librarian

Taking quizzes on what they’ve read has been a really positive habit to develop. It helps to develop their ability to summarise and recall information – universally useful skills, particularly in giving them confidence when preparing for the current Reading SATs.

As a school we’re at an early stage with our new reading approach, and are moving to embed it and maintain consistency. We want to enshrine a long lasting culture of loving reading throughout the school.

“I think Accelerated Reader is really good because it tests how well you’ve read the book.”

– Abbie, Year 6 pupil

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