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“Books are flying off the shelves” at North Yorkshire grammar school

Harrogate Grammar School, Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Accelerated Reader was still in the early stages when I joined the school, being used with only one or two small classes. I was impressed with the effect the programme began to have on the pupils. After several meetings we decided to deliver AR to the whole of Year 7.

We prepared for the roll-out of AR by publicising the programme on our website with a parents’ guide along with details of Renaissance Learning’s own website. Now the programme is up and running, we use Year 6 open evenings to provide information outlining the benefits of AR and have pupils there to discuss their own learning experiences with the programme.

The programme offers continuous support to reading practice, assisting and motivating struggling readers as well as promoting new genres to more capable students. Since implementing AR, our circulation has increased. Books are flying off the shelves! We are being constantly updated with students’ requests for pre-ordering new books.

In addition to lending traditional printed books, we also have an eBook book supplier so pupils can download books straight onto their eReading devices. They are then able to take quizzes directly from their devices, making reading and quizzing more accessible.

The reports produced by Accelerated Reader are extremely helpful for monitoring intervention. I monitor pupil performance every day; we are able to pick up pupils who require intervention through one-on-one tuition or pupil mentoring.

We have an Accelerated Reader display for our reluctant readers, which has generated interest for new series such as Matt Merton and Steve Sharp. The attitudes reluctant readers have towards reading have increased positively because the more they engage with AR the more positive results they achieve. Being able to read books within an appropriate reading range has increased their understanding, comprehension and motivation.

For the more able pupils, the programme has developed their reading ages and introduced them to genres they may not have tried before. AR has had a positive impact on circulation. It has given us the ability to provide pupils with the tools that enable them to choose the right book for them including with the ability and flexibility to download books via their tablet and quiz on them.

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