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Children love reading at Essex primary school

Holland Park Primary School, Essex

Accelerated Reader was introduced in 2011 and once we had STAR tested all our pupils to find their reading levels we invested our literacy funding to supplement our library books to encourage pupils to read.

Within the first term all classes had reading charts showing children’s achievements with some pupils passing over 20 quizzes in the first term at 100%. Classes became word millionaires and children loved the weekly word count competitions.

Pupils on average now have an engaged reading time of 18 minutes per day with our top reader in KS2 reading for 102 minutes per day with a word count of over 750,000. Our top reader in KS1 has read over 160,000 words with an engaged reading time of 58 minutes. Two boys read 42 books each in the Autumn Term alone, sharing the award for the most books read. Pupils quiz throughout the day using classroom and suite computers, as well as the NEO2 keyboards which they love to use. Boys are reading more and often receive awards in our termly AR assemblies when they receive prizes for the highest word count, most books read and best engaged time reading per day. In fact my best reading quotation came from a boy who said “My Dad said if you can read you can do anything.”

I am always trying out new incentives to increase reading within all the year groups. Last summer the whole school was included when we made a music video celebrating our reading champions and our passion for reading. Pupils receive certificates for achieving 10, 20 and 30+ passes at 100% and receive a ‘Caught Reading’ raffle ticket if staff see them reading for pleasure or reading at home and quizzing at school. My Spring Term challenge is for everyone to improve their reading with the incentive of a school disco. We love reading, we sing and dance about reading and with AR we can track our achievements and know which children need more help or an intervention to assist with developing their reading skills.

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