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Primary school wins national English award!

Joseph Cash Primary School, Coventry

Joseph Cash Primary School has been announced as the winner in the 2019 Tes Schools Awards for ‘English Teacher or Team of the Year’! The school has been an avid user of Accelerated Reader since 2017. Since then, they’ve carried out over 1,200 Star Reading assessments and over 6,500 Accelerated Reader quizzes, from a total of 514 pupils using the programme. And, according to statistics from the Department for Education, Joseph Cash Primary School have been seeing steady improvements in both their reading and writing progress measures from 2017.

Janine Nettey, Assistant Headteacher, and Kerri Adams, the school’s Accelerated Reader lead, told us:

“We were hearing positive feedback from other schools about Accelerated Reader which is why we made the decision to implement the programme at Joseph Cash. Our ‘Accelerated Reading’ team was established and ensured that AR was implemented successfully throughout the school. Initially, we focused on re-banding our home reading books and this has now expanded to include the school library and classroom book corners.

“As a school that consists of 40% Pupil Premium and 80% EAL children, we are proud of the progress and attainment of our pupils. Our KS2 reading results were above the national average in 2018, with our Pupil Premium children outperforming their peers. All our staff are positive about the changes to assessment that Star Reading brought with it, and use the data provided by Star Reading tests to objectively group the children based on empirical evidence. This is something which was previously impossible, as the data was only available from statutory assessment points.

“We feel that AR is now fully embedded across the school. Every morning, the children independently access the book they’ve chosen and complete their quizzes on iPads and laptops. They’re excited to see their own progress and enjoy the instant feedback. The children all speak positively about AR across the school and are very happy to be reading exciting texts matched to their ability. And, an external adviser recently commented on the success of AR across the school!

“As well as in class competitions, we also have a race throughout the school to see who can be the first Word Millionaire. This is displayed in the main hall for all to see and be inspired by. Furthermore, half-termly competitions ensure that enthusiasm amongst the children is maintained and success is celebrated weekly during assembly time.”

On 21st June 2019, Joseph Cash Primary School was announced as the winner of English Teacher or Team of the Year at the Tes Awards! We’d like to say a big congratulations to all their staff and students for their incredible work!

Tes Schools Awards

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