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Students take ownership of their maths journey with Freckle

Landau Forte Academy QEMS, Staffordshire, England

After introducing Freckle:

  • Tailored maths practice tasks for all abilities
  • Students are self-motivated with tangible progress data
  • Intuitive user interface for students and staff
  • Increased maths engagement without increased teacher workload

Landau Forte Academy QEMS is an 11-16 secondary school, part of the Landau Forte Charitable Trust, situated to the north of Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The school has been using Star Reading and Accelerated Reader since 2012 to support its literacy development strategy.

In 2022, Landau Forte Academy introduced Star Maths for all its KS3 students and the Freckle Maths platform as an intervention tool for those students still working at KS2 level in maths, as identified by Star Maths. The school hoped that by using Freckle, weaker students would be able to gain key maths focus skills enabling them to access more of the curriculum in their mainstream maths lessons.

Simple to use and tailored to the individual student

Intervention Lead at the school, Sam Bullock, told us, “Freckle is simple to use and it’s super effective at what it does. Our students love Freckle because they feel they are making progress. It’s fantastic to see students beaming when they realise they’ve made three months or even a year’s worth of progress with Freckle.

“Freckle is simple to use and it’s super effective at what it does.”

“Using Freckle allows us to keep the basic maths skills fresh in the minds of our more able students whilst giving an extra helping hand to those who are still in the process of mastering them.

“As Freckle is adaptive and tailored to the individual student it eradicates any issues with mixed ability groups. It ensures that all students are being challenged in their learning without discouraging weaker students. Staff don’t need to drastically change their lesson planning so using Freckle saves time too.”

Gamified approach which keeps students engaged

Sam added, “As Freckle has a gamified approach, it keeps students incredibly self-motivated to continue their maths practice. The consensus from students is how much they enjoy using Freckle. They like the concept of creating their unique avatar and the fact that as they proceed on their Freckle journey, by completing adaptive maths practice tasks, they earn coins to further customise it.

“The consensus from students is how much they enjoy using Freckle.”

“They particularly enjoy competing with one another to have the most coins earned by the end of the lesson! Used alongside Star Maths, Freckle is a huge asset for identifying and helping those who are struggling.”


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