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Utilising Renaissance data to assess the impact of lockdown

Marish Primary School, Slough

Marish Primary School, part of the Marish Academy Trust, have been using Renaissance solutions since 2010 to support the school’s reading strategy. As a result, in December 2021, the school fell into the top twenty schools in the UK & Ireland for the most Accelerated Reader quizzes carried out over the previous twelve months. Since September 2020, the school has carried out over 39,794  Accelerated Reader quizzes and more than 4,729 Star Reading assessments.

We spoke to Year 2 Teacher Lynsey to learn more about how Renaissance solutions have supported the school and the Trust’s reading development strategy.

As a school, we have found Accelerated Reader and Star Reading very beneficial to help see our children’s progress throughout the school year. We also use it to aid in choosing the books children read and have found a positive impact on how they do in comprehensive style questions.

“We refer to the data created to see the impact of lockdown on our children’s reading skills.”

We also use data from Star Reading results as evidence for additional time requests for SATs and refer to the data created to see the impact of lockdown on our children’s reading skills.

Since 2017, Marish Primary School have maintained an ‘Above Average’ reading progress score according to the Department for Education’s attainment data.

We as a school found the system so effective that we also got it for a different school in our Trust. In 2019, following a ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection report, the inspector made the following observation:

“[School Leaders] have also introduced an electronic programme of reading that has captured the interest of all pupils, particularly boys. Additionally, the systems for teaching reading comprehension skills have been refined so that all pupils regularly answer questions about what they have read. As a result of these actions, pupils across the school read confidently and fluently and with good understanding.”

– Ofsted, 2019


To find out how you can utilise Accelerated Reader and Star Reading to support your school’s reading development strategy, click here.

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