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Supporting reading in the classroom and remotely, with myON

Mission Grove Primary School, London

Following the discovery of outstanding Renaissance Learning solution usage statistics, we spoke with Kate Jennings, Headteacher, to see how myON played a crucial role in developing the school’s successful reading strategy. They have been utilising myON as a supportive tool for learning remotely, in the classroom, or a hybrid of the two.


“Pupils are enjoying the new approach to the teaching of reading and spoke very positively about it.


Supporting pupils’ unique reading journeys

Mission Grove Primary School initially brought myON to ensure students keep reading and learning amid school closures. Jennings said myON empowered teachers to find and assign book bundles based on the current themes and curriculum. They did not perceive myON as purely a solution for remote learning but a classroom tool that adjusts to students’ needs. Different book levels, fiction and nonfiction book variety and project setting functions supported them to maintain independent reading throughout the whole school. The digital book library has offered Mission Grove Primary access to many genres and thousands of age-appropriate content that they usually would not be able to purchase.

myON and the projects were also helpful to increase parental engagement as parents liked having this source at home and school to track pupils’ progress.

Kate claims:

“Following the first AR data analysis, we have found that the nonfiction reading is relatively lower than the fiction books. Thereafter, we started nonfiction focus weeks and realised myON offered enhanced nonfiction digital books at every student’s fingertip. It helped children learn about the glossary index and encouraged them to use the dictionary more often. Thus, myON allowed them to have that extra edge of the excitement of reading via providing a depth range of books, especially comic book resources. Using myON indeed accelerated the enjoyment of reading across the school. Having access to this range of comics to nonfiction books has helped our reluctant readers by matching their individual interests. Interestingly, before myON’s introduction, most reluctant readers were boys, and most of them were deeply interested in action figures. Since the utilisation of myON, boys in our school have been outperforming and willingly reading independently.”

“Mission Grove Primary has enabled all pupils to access online reading homework activities, during the school day as well as after school, for those without a computer at home.”


ELL Student Focus with myON

Other aspects of myON that Mission Grove Primary School recognises as valuable as its inclusivity to English Language Learners reading progress. Teachers can integrate various resources and strategies that meet students’ personalised journeys. They highlighted that the audio function, annotating with virtual post-it notes and follow-along word highlighting, help develop all students’ learning at their own pace. When the platform measures individual reading growth, it adapts to the best-suited reading level and offers books depending on individual learners’ interests.

MyON motivates children to become more confident readers and supports independent reading. It encourages developing a reading culture at the Mission Grove Primary School. Kate mentioned that she is thinking of embedding myON as core texts in the future academic years and increasing the accessibility to lower grades. For them, myON is not simply a tool to marry the gaps from school closures but a tool to support the whole school reading strategy.

On the last note, Kate highlighted the importance of watching the short and informative video tutorials online to get insights for comprehensive usage of myON.


To find out how your school can utilise myON the digital library, click here.

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