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After our school closed, the learning didn’t have to stop, thanks to myON by Renaissance

Miwada Gakuen, Tokyo, Japan

I found myON from Renaissance when I was looking for a digital book to improve students reading and listening as EFL learners. The sales representative was very helpful, and we were offered a trial period free of charge during remote learning due to pandemic.

The school was closed from March 2nd to June 20th, 2020, but the learning didn’t have to stop as the students could read as many English digital books as they liked in their own home. During remote learning, I set the task to take the benchmark test twice with a reading time of 6 hours or more for the 7th to 12th grade. Also, during online teaching, I could search related books easily for the lesson, or books introduced by native teachers, and assign as a project immediately as reference books, which was very useful for students to study at home afterwards.

Students enjoy reading English, linking pictures, words and audio, like native children

Since school reopening, I teach grade 7 who are entry-level EFL, I assign easy picture books through projects to introduce extensive reading and listening for 5 minutes every day at home. In addition, myON is used for personal reading time before class in the morning, which perfect to read material to each students level and interest. Students also practice writing by entering a review of the book. Students enjoy reading English, linking pictures, words and audio, like native children.

At the opening ceremony of the 2nd semester, myON’s Summer Bookworms was announced. The winner reached 1,061 minutes and the everyone’s motivation to learn English increased.

The system is excellent and runs smoothly

Native teachers also love myON and use it in classes and special classes after school. In the 1st Honors Class’ project was to select one book from myON, write a book report, and select the news you are interested in from myON News, and write a news report. myON News is great because the latest news is written in easy-to-read English for students. It also comes with videos, quizzes, slides, and a Teacher Guide, making it extremely convenient for busy teachers to save time and effort in creating teaching materials and use it immediately in their lessons. myON digital books contain books that native children and students read. It reflects the society, culture, and education of the US and UK, and very interesting for me to read as an English teacher.

The system is excellent and runs smoothly. I also contacted customer support several times, and I was satisfied with the prompt response and support provided.

We inform the parents and students at open days that we are introducing e-Learning for reading and listening in English. When I was interviewed by two education magazines, they were surprised at the reasonable price myON was offered under.

They were surprised at the reasonable price myON was offered under

I would like to continue to improve the English proficiency of my students through myON.

Mikiko Ishigami

Head of English, Miwada Gakuen, Tokyo

If you’d like to find out more about how myON can support your school, click here.

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