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“A natural way to improve English”

Elan English Learning Centres, China

Eager to raise the bar

Elan Library is a guided independent reading program designed to make students independent readers while furthering their joy of reading.

At Elan, we are always searching for methods to better engage students with reading and to create a positive reading atmosphere within Elan library. We introduced Accelerated Reader and Star Reading in 2013, the aim was to improve reading standards and the wider benefits that this entails on vocabulary, grammar etc. Everything in our guided independent reading course — quizzes, points, interviews, book reports, everything—is there to improve students’ comprehension abilities.


Now used by thousands of our students, we feel that AR (Accelerated Reader) and Star are a natural way to improve English performance and they integrated perfectly with our guided independent reading program. The Star Assessment test takes approximately 30 minutes to identify the range of student’s ability and gives instant, professional reporting.

Encouraging the habit of reading

In regards to the school’s reading culture, we aim to create a cosy, lively atmosphere within our library, where students can sit and read wherever they like, be it on the sofa or beside the window.  We colour-code our bookshelves to represent different AR levels, making it easier for children to choose their next book.

Since adopting AR, students stay in our library longer, choosing a book they are interested in and spending around 2 hours each day reading. After they finish reading, they have their turn to communicate with their teacher about the content of their story. Students are then guided by teachers in the correct comprehension methods, and thrive in the competitive academic environment. AR also helps teaching staff to diagnose the weaknesses of each students reading performance and guide them towards ways to improve. We also run a 100 book challenge every year as a fun way to encourage students to read more, and for reading to become a part of their daily lives.


“Accelerated Reader provides a professional guide for both teachers and students and helps students develop a habit of reading”


A positive impact on student performance

At Elan school, we always offer the most professional, effective and enjoyable learning experience to the students, we believe the Renaissance software has had a positive impact on student growth with support and instruction in class. Our teachers monitor the students’ progress and set goals. Students are eager to read more books to earn more points. This improvement in reading motivation has seen an increase in comprehension levels and wider academic benefits. From a teaching perspective, after checking quiz results, staff are more informed about reading levels and better placed to guide students on ways to improve.

Overall, Renaissance plays an integral part in analysing our students reading level and setting goals for the year ahead.


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