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Engaging reluctant readers with myON

Nishkam High School, Birmingham

We have absolutely loved using myON! It has completely revolutionised our lessons and we have seen a particular increase in reading engagement from students who would normally be considered as reluctant readers – namely our teenage boys in Year 8 and 9.

myON allows students to choose whatever they like from a selection of 5,000 books, something even the most well-stocked and dedicated librarian would find difficult. Students particularly enjoy the freedom of choice available to them and the ability to filter books by length, year group and ZPD.

Students have especially enjoyed the non-fiction aspect of reading due to the helpful vocabulary, dictation and pronunciation tools. This has helped us meet our curriculum objective of students reading more non-fiction. We have also noticed how myON has helped our EAL (English as an additional language) students access books which they find are the right engagement level for them.

Overall, the students love the interactivity of the books and tools that further enhance comprehension. They also love the range of books available and that they can all read the same book together, at the same time; no more waiting for a book to be returned and no extra expense to the library budget in terms of buying multiple copies.

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