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Maths engagement and enthusiasm with Freckle!

Prescot Primary School, Merseyside

Freckle is a self-paced online resource that meets students exactly where they are. Freckle provides coverage of standards and skills in maths throughout Key-Stage 1 – 4. With its continuous adaptability to each student’s level and with over 70,000 unique maths questions, Freckle is an easy choice to help motivated and engage your pupils with maths practice.

Prescot Primary School were one of the first schools in England to trial and implement Freckle. Maths Lead, Cath, discusses the impact of Freckle supporting pupils’ enthusiasm and proficiency with maths practice.

A new solution from a reliable source

Prescot Primary School have been utilising Star Maths to provide teachers with accurate assessment data of maths progress. Cath suggests that she and her team were happy to trial Freckle after the support and success they had seen from Star Maths. She states that staff find the link between Freckle and Star Maths extremely useful.

Cath explains that, like Star Maths, Freckle Maths links to individual student achievements across various learning progressions. Having this sequenced information helps staff to map pupil progress with specific aspects of their maths development. In addition, Cath explains that Freckle provides an accurate outline of pupil progress and how they’re currently performing.

“The activity feed within Freckle is a big time-saver for us because it provides her with an instant overview of which pupils are currently performing well and improving.”

Cath describes using Freckle as an accessible and easy-to-use resource for staff. She states that the activity feed within Freckle is convenient for time-saving because it provides her with an instant overview of which pupils are currently performing well and improving. This data also accurately identifies those who need more support, Cath affirms.

Engagement is key

Cath’s class experienced the adaptive maths feature within Freckle, which adaptive maths practise based on each pupil’s unique ability. The questions and activities that each pupil is assigned are bespoke to their unique ability and knowledge.

Cath notes the efficiency of Freckle, providing her with the names of the 3 – 4 pupils who had the most difficulty with the adaptive questions allowing her to offer efficient and effective intervention.

Cath declares that her year 5 class are enjoying Freckle Maths. From what she has seen so far, all pupils have remained engaged, adequately challenged, and have thoroughly enjoyed Freckle.

“My pupils were fully engaged with maths practice because Freckle offers questions that are the right level for every pupil based on their pre-existing knowledge.”

She suggests that pupil engagement is high because Freckle offers questions that are the right level for every pupil based on their pre-existing knowledge.

Since pupils have been using Freckle, Cath has found that it has encouraged more conversation and discussion around maths. She suggests that this increased dialogue results in more pupils sharing the current progress and rewards they’ve achieved throughout their maths practice journey.

Cath explains how the end of week report that Freckle sends out to staff outlining critical data for their respective classes is very useful. Information in these reports includes which pupils have got the most questions correct, which pupils answered most accurately and those seeing the most progress in maths.

Compared to other maths comparison resources Cath has experienced, she explains how Freckle is by far the easiest for monitoring pupil progress.

More pupil autonomy, less teacher workload 

She discusses the benefit of the Freckle ‘My Backpack’ feature, allowing teachers to place activities and tasks matched to the pupil’s unique ability into their ‘backpack’ for practice. The backpack is also an excellent place for other teachers or parents to see pupils’ Freckle progress and maths accuracy. Cath reaffirms that this gives her great clarity over what pupils are currently and should be practising.

Cath notes the quick feedback from Freckle is helpful with scheduling tasks for each pupil and keeping track of her entire class’ overall progress in maths.

Cath recalls one student who had previously demonstrated low maths understanding and knowledge. However, with Freckle, she observed the pupil found a new motivation and remained engaged with maths tasks and questions. Cath even note how the pupil was enthusiastic about setting their own targets.

“With Freckle, pupils can set their own targets, and that really increases their engagement and self-motivation with maths practice.”

The ability for pupils to set their own targets and watch their maths journey unfold in Freckle is very appealing to them, Cath reveals. She notes that having autonomy of target setting has resulted in sustained engagement.

Cath has pointed out that even if pupils answer self-assigned questions incorrectly, they’re still engaged. She notes that this is due to their general eagerness to see their overall journey progression.

Cath explains that she feels pupils are genuinely interested in seeing their Freckle journey unfold and that they track their progress quite carefully. She notes how pupils quickly invest in their unique on-screen avatar.

Their unique character keeps them engaged as they progress through the various maths tasks and activities. Pupils must complete these tasks set to their own level to win special rewards to procure special items for their character.

A Freckle future for Prescot

Cath states that she is looking forward to using Freckle in September from the beginning of the academic year. She emphasises how she wants pupils and staff to realise the full benefits of Freckle. Cath insists that she wants her pupils to have more autonomy of their learning pathway in Freckle and be aware of tasks they should be attempting.

From the impact that Freckle has had on her pupils, Cath asserts that it keeps pupils engaged and self-motivated to take ownership over advancing their maths knowledge.

To find out how your school can use Freckle to keep pupils motivated and engaged with maths, click here.

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