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The first Accelerated Reader school in Ireland

Scoil Chríost Rí, Ennis, County Clare

In 2010 I completed a Master’s thesis on Accelerated Reader and its effects. The results of the thesis were very positive – in a class of 24, the majority improved in their attitudes towards reading, and made improvements in comprehension. Since then, we’ve expanded it into all our classes, from second through to sixth.

“Accelerated Reader makes reading more exciting for me.”

– Oran, 5th Class pupil

We’ve seen two major changes in literacy during this time: the development of a reading culture, and improved comprehension of books across the school. It’s commonplace to see children reading here during lunch, in the school yard, and carrying books with them always.

For the first 15 minutes of a literacy lesson, children read independently. Throughout the day, if any child finishes their work early in any subject they’re in the habit of taking out their book and reading. We’ve found that children read much more than they ever have before.

“Accelerated Reader is an integral part of our literacy programme. It’s allowing emergent readers to develop fluency, accuracy and rate of reading.”

– Conor Healy, Special Education Teacher

Using Renaissance Home Connect, parents can log in, see what their child is reading and view their progress. Our parents feel very positively about Accelerated Reader, and have noticed their children engaging with reading at home as well as school.

We always thought that children were reading, but never had the tools to document it, monitor it or assess it to the level we do now. Teachers can now see how many books are read, how many are understood and how difficult they are.

It gives us a much better understanding of reading than we’ve ever had.

“I feel really proud of myself when I score 100% in a quiz.”

– Erika, 5th Class pupil

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