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Ofsted recognised reading culture at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Plymouth, England

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Plymouth has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2019 to support the school’s reading development strategy. 

In May 2022, the school celebrated the fantastic news of receiving a ‘Good’ Ofsted inspection report. In the report, the inspector made several observations about the school’s incredibly successful reading development strategy, including the following:

Leaders prioritise reading. Pupils benefit from a high-quality phonics curriculum. Staff understand the school’s approach to teaching phonics. Leaders provide a regular cycle of training.

Staff quickly spot pupils who fall behind. They make sure that pupils get the extra help that they need to catch up. Pupils say that they enjoy reading and read for pleasure at home. They talk positively about their reading in the daily ‘book talk’ sessions.

Pupils read books that are suitable for their reading ability. This builds their confidence and fluency as they move through the school. Teachers encourage pupils to read widely and often. Adults act as reading role models and recommend their favourite books.”

Following this fantastic feedback, we got in touch with headteacher Mark who explained the impact that Accelerated Reader has had on the school over the last three years.

Mark explains:

“We are delighted with the Accelerated Reader (AR) and Star Reading programmes. Reading unlocks so many opportunities for children, and since bringing in AR, our children have developed a love of reading and are keen to take quizzes. 

AR and Star Reading promote healthy competition and gives an accurate picture of children’s reading ability, both fluency and comprehension. Our teachers speak positively about it, and it was highlighted in OFSTED how well it contributes to reading overall within the school.”

Over the last eighteen months, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School has completed over 12,774 Accelerated Reader quizzes and more than 1,396 Star Reading assessments.

The pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School have also achieved an 11% average increase in the pass rate of their AR book quizzes over the last three years. 

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