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“Children are talking about the books they love.”

St Joseph’s Primary School, Greenock, Scotland

How we found what we needed

We were keen to create a culture of reading here at St Joseph’s Primary which we hoped, in turn, would increase our reading attainment levels. This could not have been achieved without Accelerated Reader.

Accelerated Reader and Star Reading have definitely helped to motivate our pupils to read more. Now, we see children talking about the books they love and it’s clear that they’re excited about reading – which is exactly the outcome we were hoping for!

We can also see now that they’re reading books which are appropriate to their reading level. Thanks to the Star Reading tests giving students their ZPD, every child is now far more aware of what they should be reading and where to find books they’ll enjoy. This means that our teachers can now sit with each child and discuss how they can challenge themselves more in the books they choose, in order to make the best progress. And thanks to Star Reading, teachers know exactly where their pupils are in their reading progress, and can talk with them about it with the evidence in front of them.

The reports that Star Reading generates are excellent to help us track progress and give our pupils the next steps they need for their learning. Teachers are now much more easily able to plan support for pupils based on their attainment.

The library and reading displays at St Joseph’s Primary School

The culture change

The reading culture at our school now has completely changed. Our students are eager to read books, complete the Accelerated Reader quiz, and see the number of words they have read. AR gives reading a competitive element which is actually very effective, especially here in a primary school.

Accelerated Reader and Star Reading have had a big impact on our reading attainment. If I could put it into one sentence, I’d say that now, pupils are able to track their own progress and talk about their attainment in reading confidently. With all this knowledge about their own reading, and the school’s focus on it as a vital skill, our reading culture here is better than ever.

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