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A solid support system from Renaissance

Reachout and Jonan High School, Japan

I introduced myON and Star Assessment at Reachout and Jonan High School, and both schools are doing very well.

I incorporate myON news into regular lessons that are not extensive reading. The project function is great, and we make heavy use of it. You can choose books to read from 6000 books, so any student is finding a book that interests them. There is a merit to continue using it even if the school opens normally, and it seems that technology can be incorporated well in combination with reading paper books.

We also use the Star Test, which runs a 20-minute test three times a year. The interface is in English, but students find it easy to use. It is easy for teachers to grasp the level of each student.


We receive a solid support system from Renaissance with their 30+ years of experience, and we are using it with confidence in terms of reliability of the system.

To find out more about how Star Assessments and myON can support your school, click here.

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