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The Galaxy School, India – myON by Renaissance Experience

The Galaxy School, India, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

We got in touch with staff and students at The Galaxy School in India to find out just how myON by Renaissance is supporting a new reading culture for all the students at the school, even during school closures. Here’s what they had to say:


“The stories helped them the students in mastering sentence-structure significantly.”

English Department (Grade 3) 

myON brought in a good and new experience for the students. Read-along feature in the app was very effective. Some students have also received badges on myON Reader. It is a good platform for an indulging reading experience. Students have learned the correct pronunciation of words with the help of the play-along audio. The app allows the students to explore different genres, further helping them to differentiate between fiction and non-fiction. The stories helped them the students in mastering sentence-structure significantly. It helped the students to add on new words to their vocabulary. Overall it was a good exposure for the students. The myON app is very useful for the teachers as well as the students.

Students were very excited to use this as they had never explored audiobooks. They got to explore different genres very effectively and easily, and the tools like the dictionary, markers, and journal effectively aided the students. Plus, the feature of audio helped the students with correct pronunciations. As teachers, we were able to track each student’s progress and also assign more books, according to their likes and dislikes. It had stories for all age groups and catered to different kinds of readers. It was a secured and student-friendly app. myON is an extensive tool which has different genres of stories. The stories are made more appealing with the added feature of an audio clip of the stories, which aids the students to know the pronunciation of new words while reading. The tool can be effectively used in lower grades as the majority of the stories are for children between ages 4 to 10. However, there are quite a few stories which can be used for grades 5 and 6 as well. We have used a few stories from these in March and April. Students who enjoy reading books are liking the app.

“myON also enables the teachers to track the students’ activity, which further helps in guiding the students.”

Science Department (Grade 4)

The stories available in myON are very interesting. The students are no more dependent on their elders to search stories for them. Also, different types of activities involved make it interesting for the students to read. myON caters to all categories of learners as it has stories both in the audio and pictorial form. myON is really useful and has wonderful topics in it. The audio option is good, which helps the kids to pronounce the words correctly. It includes good graphical representation. It provides an opportunity for the students to increase their vocabulary. The students also share the new words and find meanings from the “dictionary” option provided in the app. myON also enables the teachers to track the students’ activity, which further helps in guiding the students.

Students find it easy to explore myON. The audiobooks help the students to develop a habit of reading. The available audios and visuals were simple and entertaining for the learning group. Easier connection between the known and the unknown were made and by identifying this connection of known ability aided both the staff and students alike. Brisk learning was also effective. myON expands the students’ reading choices with enhanced digital books. It has books of various categories with age-appropriate content. It also helps the teachers to keep a track on an individual’s reading log. Since it has audio-visual stories, it becomes more interesting and helps the students to improve their listening and reading skills. They can also get the meanings of the words. The app’s audio feature helps the students to correct their pronunciation.


“At present, when the libraries are closed and we cannot visit the library, myON helps us to catch up with amazing options of stories to pick from.”

— Student

myON has good illustrations which attract more readers. It helps the teachers to connect a particular situation to a given topic. Around 40 – 50% of students of any section read the stories on myON, voluntarily. Students find the stories to be interesting and informative, as they also enjoy the graphics. Stories are easy to understand, and include good usage of new words which helps in increasing their vocabulary. Spending time on myON is a mood changer for us as we feel happy when we read the books on this app. At present, when the libraries are closed, and we cannot visit the library, myON helps us to catch up with amazing options of stories to pick from. The audio stories provide a very different experience and increase our focus.

I like reading adventurous stories, and I am also using the dictionary option to find meanings. I choose to spend time on myON in my free time. Also, the stories included in this app are very informative. The myON app is amazing. It has helped me to develop the habit of reading, which was very difficult for me. I am also able to learn new words. I can listen to stories while relaxing. I like the special feature of the dictionary. myON also has books on inventions, discoveries, and many historical events which is very informative. I find myON app to be very interesting as I can get stories of all types very easily. The stories are accompanied with different pictures which make it more interesting. It also helps me to pronounce the words which are new to me. MyOn also has a personalised library ready for me.

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