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Revolutionising Mathematics Education with Freckle: A Case Study at Lewis Girls Comprehensive School

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School., Wales
Renaissance delved into educational innovation in a fascinating conversation by interviewing the dynamic and passionate teacher, Jade Rough, from Lewis Girls Comprehensive School. Together, they explored the extraordinary impact of implementing Freckle, an interactive digital learning platform, in their secondary school.
Unleashing the Power of Gamification

Prepare to be amazed! Freckle transformed the classroom experience into an exhilarating adventure for students. With its enchanting “shop” feature, learners earned valuable coins and had the opportunity to customize their own unique avatars. Learning became a thrilling quest, capturing students’ hearts and igniting their curiosity.

Closing the Gaps, One Math Skill at a Time

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School embarked on its quest—to find a comprehensive solution that would engage students, boost their mathematical skills, and bridge any knowledge gaps. Enter Freckle! This game-changing platform captivated learners and pinpointed their areas of improvement with surgical precision.

Unleashing the Power of Math Starters and Plenaries

No longer confined to mundane math drills, Freckle took centre stage as an integral part of Lewis Girls’ classroom routine. It was embraced as the ultimate tool for assessing students’ baseline understanding and tracking their progress in specific topics. Whether it was a captivating starter or an engaging plenary, Freckle provided invaluable insights into each child’s journey of mathematical discovery.

A Data Goldmine for Targeted Interventions

Drawing on the wealth of Star Maths assessments and Freckle data, Lewis Girls Comprehensive School cracked the code to personalized intervention strategies. The volume of information at their fingertips allowed teachers to pinpoint students needing extra support, crafting tailor-made interventions to address their unique challenges. No learner was left behind.

Empowering Teachers, Transforming Lives

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School spared no effort in empowering its dedicated staff. One courageous staff member delved into the depths of Freckle’s online training programs, eagerly acquiring knowledge to share with the entire department. The head of the department and the numeracy coordinator embarked on enlightening one-to-one sessions, unlocking the secrets of Freckle’s data output, ready to inspire their colleagues in the next departmental meeting.

Unveiling a Tapestry of Student Progress

At Lewis Girls, assessing student progress became an exhilarating voyage. Star Maths tests, administered every term, unveiled the collective achievements of the entire class and year group. However, Freckle’s meticulous data analysis provided the magnifying glass through which teachers examined individual growth and celebrated each student’s unique triumphs.

A Personalized Odyssey

Freckle’s true superpower lies in its ability to adapt to each learner’s skills and needs. Just as a skilled guide tailors a journey to match their travellers’ pace, Freckle tailored its content to match the skills and knowledge of every student. This exceptional personalization mirrored the format of national testing, ensuring a seamless transition for students and reinforcing their confidence.

From Overwhelm to Empowerment: Managing Workload with Freckle

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School discovered the secret to balancing the demands of teaching: Freckle! With its easy integration into daily routines, Freckle became the go-to resource for starters, plenaries, and knowledge assessment. Teachers rejoiced as they effortlessly monitored progress, transforming the weight of workload into a spark of inspiration.

Aligning with the Beat of the Welsh Curriculum

While the Welsh curriculum had its unique rhythm, Lewis Girls found harmony with Freckle’s personalized approach. The platform’s adaptive nature and alignment with national testing ensured a seamless fit, harmonizing the classroom experience and fostering cohesion between Freckle and the Welsh curriculum.

Charting a Bold Future with Freckle

The enchantment continues! Lewis Girls Comprehensive School plans to extend their exhilarating journey with Freckle, relying on its power to inform its intervention strategies and unlock the full potential of each student. Equipped with parent-friendly data outputs, they aim to bridge the communication gap between school and home, ensuring that every caregiver and parent can join in celebrating their child’s progress.

Lewis Girls Comprehensive School—where mathematical adventures come to life, one Freckle at a time.

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