Welcome to ‘Summer Reads’ from Renaissance – 3 months’ free access to engaging online myON books and daily news articles. Each participating school has their own login details, so please check with your school if you cannot access the site. During the holidays, you can call +44 (0)20 7184 4000 or email [email protected]

To start reading a book:

Once logged in to the myON site on a computer or tablet you will be immediately taken to the ‘Library’ where the books can be split between ‘Fiction’, ‘Non-Fiction’ and ‘Graphic Novels’. They are also grouped into different subjects and topics, e.g., ‘Animals’ and ‘Sports & Vehicles’.

  • By clicking on the tiles, you will see the books available. – and by then clicking on the book cover you will see two options: (1) The blue ‘Info’ button, which provides more information about the book. (2) The green ‘Read’ button, which opens the book.
  • You can also use the ‘Search’ function at the top of the page to find books such as Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Treasure Island and plays by
  • Once you have chosen a book, simply press ‘Start the Book’.
  • Please be aware that most books include audio narration that will play automatically but can be turned off at any time.
  • Please also be aware that as this initiative is open to all schools, some of the books may not be suitable for very young children.

Daily myON News articles:

Once logged in to myON, click on the ‘News’ tab at the top of the page. Five news articles are published each weekday on the front page.

  • Click ‘Today’s Edition’ to the left of the myON News logo to access the full edition or the arrow by the date to see previous editions. You can also explore all articles published to date by clicking ‘All Articles’ or searching for a topic.
  • Several options are available with every article, including the ability to change the language from English and access supporting materials.

Download this editable letter to parents and guardians

Learn more about how to navigate and use myON books and news articles with former teachers Sarah and Vicky in this short, instructional on-demand webinar

Free access to our myON engagement kit this summer

Gain free access to our myON engagement kit and download a range of activities and resources for your children this summer. Encourage your children to get creative with numerous downloadable resources from posters, to flyer templates and letters alongside their favourite books.

Click here to download a free myON summer engagement kit

“Today, 46 students read 113 books, 2,186 pages and 185, 315 words on myON, proving how phenomenal you all are! #keepreading” – Twitter user

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