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Non-Fiction November: The Content Team’s Favourite Non-Fiction Titles of 2023

To celebrate Non-Fiction November, the Content Team has compiled a list of some of our favourite non-fiction titles we’ve read in 2023. Throughout the year, the team has enjoyed reading and quizzing 269 non-fiction books covering topics from healthy eating to footballers to peculiar plants to life in the ancient Aztec age. We’ve loved reading […]

Shedding light on High Interest/Low Level titles on AR

This month the Content Team wants to shed light on some of the High Interest/Low Level (Hi/Lo) series we’ve been quizzing. Sometimes it can be hard to find books for readers whose interests and reading levels don’t align. This is where the Hi/Lo titles come into play. These titles contain age appropriate content and topics, […]

Championing Diversity in Literature: An Unforgettable Night at the Diverse Book Awards

I was delighted to attend the Diverse Book Awards last night, an incredible event hosted at Waterstones in Piccadilly. What better place to celebrate than the home of books itself? The Diverse Book Awards were established in 2019 by award-winning children’s and YA author Abiola Bello and award-winning publicist Helen Lewis. When Abiola discovered the […]

10 Scarily Fun Books for “Spooky Season”

With “Spooky Season” right around the corner, the Content team has put together a list that includes a diverse selection of ten of our favourite spooky titles. Whether they prefer tales of ghosts, zombies, brujos or brujas, the following books are perfect for readers of all levels who want to get into the Halloween spirit! […]

Navigating the Transition: Top tips to prepare Year 7 Students for a Successful Year of Reading

by Sharan Kaur Sharan Kaur, secondary school librarian at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School in Birmingham, has harnessed the power of technology and innovation to guide year 7 students through their formative years. Her secret weapons? Accelerated Reader and Star Reading. For over a decade, she has been using Renaissance solutions to enrich the reading experiences […]

Mythological stories with DEI characters

For this month’s blog post, the team has decided to focus on some books that are inspired by mythology and folklore.    While some mythology and folklore is well known, there are so many others that aren’t. We want to highlight those diverse tales and bring them to the readers.  All the titles mentioned are […]

If You Liked This, Try This DEI Option: BookTok Edition

This month, the content team has selected some of our favourite titles that fans of BookTok’s most popular books will love. As the content team focuses on highlighting DEI authors and titles wherever possible, this month’s book list features titles by authors of colour that are perfect for even the most prolific BookTok readers. Check […]

Celebrating Pride with Newcomer LGBTQ+ Authors

In honour of Pride Month, the content team has selected several titles that we have enjoyed by newcomer LGBTQ+ authors whose debut books have been published between 2020 and 2022. This list includes some of those debuts as well as some follow-up titles. We’ve loved getting to know the characters in these stories, following their […]

Children’s Books about Self-Love

This month our team has chosen to shine a light on some books that teach children about self-love.  In a time where judgement and bullying are omnipresent, it is more important than ever to teach children about self-love and self-acceptance. Everyone is special in their own way, and the sooner children learn this, the sooner […]

World Book Day: How was it for you?

Written by Sharan Kaur, Librarian at Cardinal Wiseman Catholic School Our day for celebrating books, authors, writing and reading was once again a roaring success. A huge thank goes to our World Book Day team of volunteers for helping to prep and run the various stations. In place of a dress up day, we celebrated […]

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Each month, we publish a list of the new AR quizzes released in the previous month.

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