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Behind the Scenes: Creating Quizzes for Accelerated Reader

Have you ever wondered about the work that goes into adding a quiz to Accelerated Reader? Read on for a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of the Content team and follow the new book, Happy Here: 10 Stories from Black British Authors & Illustrators, from the time the book is published to when its quiz goes live, […]

Children’s Books about Black British History

October is Black History Month in the UK, and to celebrate our team wanted to focus a booklist on titles specific to Black British history. Check out the list below for our favourite fiction and non-fiction, along with the books’ Accelerated Reader quiz information.   Lower Years Coming to England by Floella Benjamin, illustrated by […]

Books that will give you chills and thrills this Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, our team are loving adding some spooky new titles from a diverse range of authors to Accelerated Reader. So for a bit of inspiration for your school library’s Halloween display, check out our choices along with the books’ Accelerated Reader quiz information below.       Lower Years How Many Sleeps […]

Adoptive and Foster Families in Children’s Books

For this month’s booklist, we’ve selected a wide range of titles focusing on children in the care system and adoptive families. Our team think these titles have done a great job of handling what can be a sensitive topic.

Back to School Blog – Part 3

The school year 2021/22 will again be challenging with students and their teachers managing the impacts of so much disruption over two school years. This situation is indeed ‘unprecedented’ but we know that school’s are determined to get everyone back on track, working hard and enjoying learning.  Star Assessments can contribute to this and here, […]

10 Graphic Novels with LGBTQ+ Characters and Themes

With their shorter sentence structure and stunning illustrations, graphic novels are a great tool for encouraging reluctant or struggling readers to pick up a book. So for this month’s Accelerated Reader booklist, we’ve chosen ten great graphic novels with LGBTQ+ characters or themes. Happy quizzing!      The Tea Dragon Society by Katie O’Neill MY […]

15 Children’s Books Featuring Disabled Characters

For this month’s booklist, our team of Quiz Writers have picked 15 of their favourite titles featuring characters with physical disabilities or sensory impairments. Each of these titles has an Accelerated Reader quiz. Lower Years Proud to be Deaf: Discover my community and my language by Ava, Lilli and Nick Beese, illustrated by Romina Martí […]

10 Children’s Books Celebrating LGBTQ+ Families

In our latest Accelerated Reader booklist, our team of quiz writers have highlighted 10 children’s and young adult titles in which the main character has a family member from the LGBTQIA+ community. Check out the titles and their quiz information here! Lower Years Heather Has Two Mummies by Lesléa Newman, illustrated by Laura Cornell Quiz […]

What Kids are Reading Quiz Writers’ Choice Awards Longlist

What Kids Are Reading is the largest annual study of the reading habits and trends of students across the UK and Ireland, using data from a variety of sources including Renaissance Accelerated Reader data. Accelerated Reader is a reading practice programme allowing students to take comprehension quizzes on books they’ve read. Last year, we added […]

10 Brilliant Books Featuring Autistic Characters

Happy World Autism Awareness Week! Take a look at 10 children’s books featuring autistic characters, along with their Accelerated Reader quiz information. Lower Years A Friend For Henry by Jenn Bailey Quiz # 240000 | BL 2.4 | Chronicle Books Henry would like to find a friend at school, but finds making friends difficult. His efforts […]

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Monthly Quiz List

Each month, we publish a list of the new AR quizzes released in the previous month.

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