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Our dedicated team, comprised of former educators and literacy experts, has been hard at work creating engaging literary-themed games and activities.
For the first time, you can find and access all the resources below including exclusive content for Accelerated Reader and myON users.

See who can score the most points by searching for the most ‘valuable’ authors of books your students have read and plotting them on the Scrabble board. Once the game is over, the empty squares can be filled with random letters to create a word search for fellow students to complete!

The ScrARbble game pack includes printable game boards in colour and black & white, instructions and a promotional poster.

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Whether played like the classic TV show as one player versus two or as the whole class against the teacher – the first team to connect the blocks and cross the game board by successfully answering the questions is the winner!

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Literary Truth or Dare

In Literary Truth or Dare, each player secretly selects a book character to bring to life, whilst keeping their identity hidden. Our varied truth and dare challenges will make this harder than you think. Players record suspicions throughout the game, but nothing is confirmed until the Big Reveal. Expect some entertaining surprises along the way!

The Literary Truth or Dare game pack includes a printable card deck, recording sheets and instructions.

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Cross-Country Reading

Take a literary tour across the UK and Ireland with the help of an interactive map featuring fun activities related to 15 different locations. Inspired by the most popular books read by kids over the last 15 years (according to the What Kids Are Reading report), discover interesting facts and complete challenges to fill your passport with all the places you’ve visited.

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Railroad Reading

Created for myON users, this twist on a beloved board game takes your students on a journey through their digital library. Hop aboard the myON Express and move around the board by reading a book within each category. Track the number of minutes spent reading in your train track reading log. The Railroad Reading game pack includes a printable game board, chance cards, a reading log and instructions.

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