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To help you celebrate World Book Day all year round, we not download a poster for your classroom?

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World Book Day & other fun quizzes

Take fun, short Accelerated Reader-style quizzes on the World Book Day £1 books and other titles by the featured authors.

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About Take the Quiz

Building on the popularity of Accelerated Reader, we have teamed up with partners such as World Book Day and CILIP to provide ‘mini’ AR-style quizzes on some of the most popular books for children and young people.

What do students need to do?

  1. Read one or more of the featured books.
  2. Log on to
  3. Take a fun online quiz about the book.

How does it work?

The quizzes featured on this website are short samples from the full quizzes available to students using Accelerated Reader. While these ‘mini’ quizzes reveal a student’s score, the full programme provides a wealth of data about students’ progress with reading. Students enjoy taking the quizzes and respond positively as they see their reading skills improve. Independent research from the National Literacy Trust has found that “children and young people who use AR tend to enjoy reading more, do it more often and think more positively about reading.”
Recently, the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has published research into Accelerated Reader finding that students using the programme made 3 months’ additional progress in the space of 22 weeks. The EFF commented on the “particularly positive effects, especially for low-income pupils… we are confident that the results of today’s reports will go some way in helping teachers to close their attainment gap.”
An interactive dashboard and a comprehensive set of reports give teachers the information they need to know about how well students are progressing with reading, personalising their reading practice and informing intervention strategies.
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Sample Accelerated Reader reports

Reading Dashboard

Screenshot of Reading Dashboard showing Growth and Achievement from all time

TOPS Report

Image of a TOPS Report from Accelerated Reader