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Maths Success Stories

Unlocking Maths Success

Guston Church of England Primary School , Dover

We spoke to Jonathan Wells, Guston Primary School's Assistant Head and Year 5 Class Teacher to find out how the school uses Star Maths and Freckle and the impact they have had over the past two years on bolstering pupils’ maths development.

A Reduced Workload and Accurate Data from Freckle at Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School, Worcester, England

Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School, part of the Griffin Schools Trust, is celebrating the success of their enhanced reading and numeracy development strategies, thanks to the implementation of Renaissance's Accelerated Reader and Star Reading solutions. Since introducing these programs in 2021, the school has significantly improved pupils' reading levels. In addition, it now boasts an impressive milestone of over 11,000 Freckle maths practice sessions halfway through the 22/23 academic year.

Closing the Gap in Maths with Freckle at Bramley Sunnyside Junior School

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School, Rotherham, England

Bramley Sunnyside Junior School has been using Star Maths assessments since 2018 to support the school's maths development strategy. In 2022 the school introduced Freckle maths practice further to help the proficiency of numeracy skills for all pupils. In the summer term of 2022, we discovered that the pupils of Bramley Sunnyside Junior School had completed almost 5,000 Freckle maths practice tasks in two academic terms.