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Standardised Testing Success Stories

Improving Pupil Outcomes in Reading and Maths at The Raglan Schools with Assessment Insights and Personalised Practice

The Raglan Schools, Enfield, London

Raglan Junior School, situated in Enfield, London, has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading for a decade! We speak to headteacher Martin about how Renaissance solutions incorporate personalised practice to improve student outcomes.

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Accurate Assessment and Reading for Pleasure at The Mall School

The Mall School, Twickenham, England

The Mall School has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2017.

We got in touch with Deputy Headteacher James to find out why the school has continued to include Accelerated Reader as a core component of the school's reading development strategy for the last five years.

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Measuring progress: 14 months of reading progress in 10 months!

The Raglan Schools, Enfield

The Raglan Schools is a federation of Raglan Infant and Junior Schools, having approximately 930 children and 120 staff. They have been using Star Reading for five years and recently reported 14 months of reading progress in only 10 months! Head Teacher Martin Kelsey shares his story of discovering and implementing Star Reading Assessments in his school.