Latest success stories from Renaissance Learning

Teacher Workload Success Stories

Unlocking Maths Success

Guston Church of England Primary School , Dover

We spoke to Jonathan Wells, Guston Primary School's Assistant Head and Year 5 Class Teacher to find out how the school uses Star Maths and Freckle and the impact they have had over the past two years on bolstering pupils’ maths development.

Empowering Maths Learning at Yeo Valley Primary School

Yeo Valley Primary School, Barnstaple

We spoke to Abigail Fleming, KS2 Deputy Phase Lead, who has been using Star Maths since she joined Yeo Valley Primary School as a NQT in 2018. When she joined, the school had recently started using Star Maths and, in 2021, it decided to also adopt Freckle as the products are closely aligned. Since adopting Renaissance solutions the school has seen immense progress in maths and numeracy amongst its students.

Targeted Maths Intervention and a Reduced Workload at Summerfield Primary School

Summerfield Primary School, Birmingham, England

Summerfield Primary School has been using Freckle maths practice since March 2022 to support targeted intervention and to reduce teacher workload.

We reached out to Mathematics Lead Rebecca Gray about how Freckle's maths practice from Renaissance autonomously provides differentiated and accurate math practice tasks to pupils aligned to the national curriculum without increasing their workload.