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Whole Class Guided Reading Success Stories

The Digital Library that has Boosted Reading Engagement at Hevingham Primary School

Hevingham Primary School, Norfolk, England

In 2021, Hevingham Primary School introduced the Complete Literacy Solution from Renaissance to help keep pupils engaged with reading and to support the school's literacy development plan.   

With the Complete Literacy Solution, the school now has the following resources to maintain a strong culture of reading

Supporting reading in the classroom and remotely, with myON

Mission Grove Primary School, London

Mission Grove Primary School has been using Accelerated Reader and Star Reading since 2006 to increase student growth and mastery in reading. Since August 2020, the school has carried out 47,104 AR quizzes and 2,794 Star Reading assessments and became the sixth school in the UK & Ireland which carried the most quizzes over the twelve months. Amid school closures, Mission Grove Primary School introduced myON to support the school’s literacy development strategy in 2020.