Webinar: MAT Chat – Back to school, the first month

30th September | 12.30 pm | Online 

The first in a series of ongoing monthly MAT Chat webinars, this webinar will explore the experiences of different MAT-based senior leaders on their arrival back to school the academic year after school closures due to Covid-19. Guests will discuss how successful the transition back to school has been across their MAT. Additionally, guests will share what the strategies they will implement to continue to support both students and staff going forward. 

The webinar will focus on dataassessment and remote learning. Each guest will offer unique insight into how they plan to utilise data and information collected from remote learning to support students going forwardGuests will also consider how both myON by Renaissance and Star Reading have helped students who have seen the largest drop-off in development over the last academic year. 

The webinar is a free-to-access opportunity for education professionals within the academy sector to gain valuable insight into both experiences of school logistics and tips in practical assessment. 

  • How have academies and MATs adapted to new social distancing regulations 
  • How have senior leaders identified the learning progress lost by students due to school closures of 19/20 
  • How have Renaissance solutions helped to identify lost progress 
  • How will Renaissance solutions help staff offer appropriate intervention to support students catch-up throughout the 20/21 academic year 

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