Accelerated Reader and RM Unify integration

Screenshot of an Accelerated Reader title within RM Unify

RM Unify can now be integrated with Accelerated Reader

We’ve now made it really easy for you to use Accelerated Reader and Accelerated Maths with your students. Using RM Books, a free ebook platform for schools, students can read ebooks on any device, at school or at home and seamlessly take the quiz in AR and AM without needing a separate user name and password. Ebooks are searchable by reading level so you know your students are reading appropriate content and all have a quiz number listed against the title.

Using RM Books, schools can choose how they deliver ebooks to their Students – short term rentals to individual students or populating an elibrary for independent choice. With powerful reporting tools to complement those in AR and AM, teachers can have a detailed understanding of a student’s reading progress and ensure areas of difficultly are identified.

All this is delivered through a safe online environment, RM Unify. RM Unify allows you to address your school priorities by bringing together the best online applications and content in one place, so that you can efficiently manage the wealth of online content. In turn this allows teachers and learners to seamlessly access applications and content anytime, anywhere and from any device.

And what’s more RM Unify will link to your school’s server so all your users will be automatically managed in Accelerated Reader saving you time managing your student accounts.

If you’re not an existing RM Unify user but are interested to find out how RM Unify could help you address your school priorities, email [email protected].

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RM Books has allowed us to completely re-invigorate how we teach reading. We are always looking at ways of capturing imaginations of our most reluctant readers and with RM Books we think we have found the solution.

Andrew Morrish, Headteacher, Victoria Park Primary Academy

Screenshot of apps within RM Unify, including Accelerated Reader