Whole Class Guided Reading with Renaissance

Whole class guided reading is a fantastic opportunity to build reading skills and confidence within the classroom. It encourages whole class discussion and allows students to share ideas, as well as learn from other students around them. By using Accelerated Reader and myON by Renaissance as a backdrop for whole class reading and quizzing, most of the work has already been done for you – questions have been written and the answers are there to display to the class.

Whole Class Guided Reading with Accelerated Reader

Help students develop language as well as nuance, inference and deduction skills through the use of Accelerated Reader, by using AR quizzes to support whole class quizzing, book talk, and group reads. With over 37,000 quizzes to choose from, simply select a book, read, and quiz with your whole class – no additional work required!

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There are four different types of Accelerated Reader quiz: Reading Practice, Recorded Voice, Vocabulary Practice, and Literacy Skills.

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Star Reading, myON and Accelerated Reader logos
Star Reading, myON and Accelerated Reader logos

Whole Class Guided Reading with myON:

myON by Renaissance is a personalised literacy platform that offers every student unlimited access to an enhanced digital library.

Including a wide range of literacy tools and embedded supports, myON encourages reading engagement and achievement. These tools offer a range of opportunities, including note taking, vocabulary definition and dictionary work. myON allows teachers to scaffold learning in the classroom for students to then share at home.

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Benefits of Whole Class Guided reading:

A teacher’s main objectives during Whole Class Guided Reading, is establishing the requisite skills, including modelling and questioning, introducing new vocabulary and encouraging children to ‘read between the lines’. As language matures and increases, their ability to ‘create a picture’, and in some cases, fill the background knowledge required to become competent in comprehension, is key.

The more a child gains from the content of a book, the more they will develop their inference and deduction skills, transferring this knowledge to future books. If this element of reading development is nurtured and supported, the child will begin to grow the skills required to interpret an author’s intent and the ability to pick up on nuance and contextual cues.


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