At Renaissance, we are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience and make schools’ lives as easy as we can, which is why we’ve teamed up with Wonde!

Wonde are data integration specialists who connect hundreds of Edtech applications, like Renaissance, to the data in a school’s MIS via an API. Wonde integrates with all the leading UK MIS providers for Primary and Secondary schools and is currently installed in over 24,000 schools across the UK, Australia, New Zealand and British international schools worldwide.

Having Wonde integrate with your school’s MIS means you can control when the data is updated in your Renaissance Learning products. By activating our custom made tool in your Wonde Portal, it’s easy to populate Renaissance with the most up to date information from your MIS. This will save your school valuable administrative time and all you need to do is upload a file directly to your Renaissance Learning account.

Here’s how it’s done!

Renaissance Place CSV Download Wonde User Guide

myON CSV Download Wonde User Guide

Freckle CSV Download Wonde User Guide

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