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Accelerated Maths success stories

“Having used Accelerated Maths the teachers would not return to traditional ‘whole-class’ approaches of teaching just three levels of differentiation.”

“Having established the online environment with AR, AM was a simple next step for the children. It is a very different approach to teaching. The teacher can really focus learning to all children at an individual level, which requires the capacity to ‘let go’ of the traditional teacher role.”

Anthony David
Executive Head Teacher, St Paul’s CE Primary School

“I have found that it is particularly motivating for the quieter and more marginalised students. They enjoy gaining success at something that is under their control.”

“The best thing about AM Live is that it allows those who want to get on with their maths to do so as soon as they are in the room, and they will often work solidly for an hour on it. I think the format of AM Live is very motivating for those that engage with it. There is instant feedback and I have time to teach individuals knowing that all students will have their work marked automatically.”

Hilary Bowman
Head of Maths, The Gatehouse School

“Students develop an independence of learning, they are motivated by the program and enjoy the challenge it can bring.”

“Not only does this program challenge students to the correct degree of learning, but it provides a method of retaining students’ ability to stay engaged and desire to learn more. I always find this motivates them and boosts their confidence, which in turn is reflected in their achievements.”

Christine Shreeves
Assistant Head Teacher, St Andrew’s CE Primary School

“AM Live has proven to be an invaluable tool for assessment and personalised learning. The children feel a sense of ownership over their learning and are motivated to master objectives and progress through the libraries.”

“The children are continuing to work well with this product and have embedded it into their weekly mathematics routine. It has proven to be very flexible – the different types of tests and practices providing different opportunities for assessment and consolidation.”

Craig Steel
Deputy Head Teacher, Kibblesworth Primary School

“One of the most important features for the students is the immediate feedback they receive on how well they have done on a particular worksheet, and the fact that AM Live ensures that the worksheets produced are tailored to meet each student’s individual learning needs in a particular area”

Aelred Whelan
Head Teacher, Sacred Heart RC Primary School