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Lauren Child named Children’s Laureate for 2017-2019

By Krista Culbertson, Assistant Editor

Congratulations to Lauren Child, who has been named 10th Waterstone’s Children Laureate. The popular writer and illustrator takes over the role from Chris Riddell, and will act as laureate from 2017 to 2019. Child’s name should be a familiar one to many. The English author has written some of the most successful children’s series. She […]

We’ve now quizzed 30,000 books on Accelerated Reader!

We are always growing the number of quizzes available to customers on an ever-expanding variety of titles. These 30,000 books quizzed for Renaissance Accelerated Reader™ cover both fiction and non-fiction titles in each of our four interest levels (Lower Years, Middle Years, Middle Years+ and Upper Years). They range from the early picture books such as Fusspot Bill to classics like War and Peace, which is still the longest book on AR.

Carnegie Medal shortlist 2017

By Krista Culbertson, Assistant Editor

In 2017, the CILIP Carnegie Medal is celebrating its 80th year of recognising outstanding children’s fiction. This year’s shortlist, all of which have now been quizzed for Renaissance Accelerated Reader, brings a wide range of stories to young readers – from the funny and fantastical to difficult stories that will challenge readers. This year’s winner will be announced on Monday 19 June.

Introducing Middle Years+

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

The Content team is thrilled to introduce a new feature to better inform teachers and librarians using Renaissance Accelerated Reader as to whether a book is suitable for a particular reader. So, henceforward there will be a fourth Interest Level listing, which will slot in between Middle Years and Upper Years, and will be known as Middle Years+, age 12 and above.

Quiz Release Update

By Sophie Walters, Editor

Good news! Software maintenance is now complete, and quizzes from the last 6 weeks have been released. You can now search for these on AR BookFinder. An up-to-date quiz list will be available the first week of October. Happy quizzing!

Quiz release delay

By Sophie Walters, Editor

Unfortunately, due to essential software maintenance, we have been unable to release new quizzes. There will be no August quiz list. All new quizzes will show in the September quiz list. We will keep you updated. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Why can’t quizzes be available straight away?

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

The posters have gone up on the bus shelters. The pre-order has been made. The book has dropped on the doormat. The student has read it from cover to cover in a few hours. He has logged into Accelerated Reader and… there isn’t a quiz available yet.

How can I request a book to be quizzed?

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

We are often asked when a particular book will have a quiz made available for Accelerated Reader. Sometimes these are new publications, and the book is currently in our editing process. Other times, they are slightly older books that we haven’t yet come across. One way or the other, if we know that a book is highly sought-after in schools using AR we will make every effort to produce a quiz for that book.

What makes a book non-quizzable?

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

While we make every effort to produce a reading practice quiz on the books that students are reading, from time to time we find that books are unsuitable for quizzing with Accelerated Reader. The reasons for this vary, but all centre on the fact that we never compromise on the rigorously developed and enforced standards on the quality of our quizzes.

What are AR book levels… and what are they not?

By Cecelia Powell, Managing Editor

Accelerated Reader uses the ATOS formula to determine book levels – a measure of the complexity of the text. But what are book levels? And what are they not? Our Managing Editor explains how they are determined and how they should be used in conjunction with other measures to ensure that students are reading books that are appropriate for them.

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