Photo of a data team meeting for Renaissance School Partnership

A dedicated professional services programme for Accelerated Reader, Accelerated Maths and STAR Reading.

The Renaissance School Partnership (RSP) is a professional services programme that links your school with a dedicated programme manager. The programme takes a multi-faceted approach, tailored to meet each individual school’s expectations and needs, in order to implement Accelerated Reader (AR) or Accelerated Maths (AM) and STAR Assessments most effectively.

What the programme involves

  • Dedicated programme manager
  • Extensive training
  • Seven onsite consulting days
  • Remote monitoring
  • Detailed half termly reports

Results from 2013/14 year

  • On average, RSP schools made 4 months progress beyond that achieved prior to joining RSP
  • Every school on the programme saw more growth than previously
  • Every RSP school achieved at least one Model Class, meeting our end of year expectations early

“A key foundation stone in moving the school to the next level”

Dame J. McVittie, Head Teacher of Woodside High School, explains the impact of RSP at her school, where many students speak English as an additional language.

The school has a reputation for accelerating students’ progress, so RSP is an important programme at Woodside.

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Teaching and Learning Toolkit

Renaissance School Partnership is listed as a programme in the Sutton Trust-EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit.

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What the programme involves

Programme management

A dedicated programme manager works directly with the AR project team in your school to guide the implementation of AR and establish best practices across the school.


Extensive training is provided to ensure that your core team has an implicit understanding of best practices and data analysis.

Reading culture

In addition to training and data handling, RSP gives schools access to resources that help to establish and develop a reading culture.